Step Up Your Tee Game

As if you or I really need a reason to be comfortable.  But comfortable does not have to mean it is not appropriate for more than casual events.  PaviDesigned 'Step Up Your Tee' Game tees are a great way to freshen up your wardrobe, as well as provide great comfort with a more modern and dressier look.  Talk about 'adulting'.  This tee does that!

We designed the 'Step Up Your Tee' Game simply because I wanted to give my husband some other options when he did not feel like wearing a shirt and tie.  He also wanted a tee shirt that he could wear to take me out to dinner or the movies that felt more dressing up than dressing down.  Like this graphic step up tee below, you could wear your favorite jeans, or suit coat and a nice pair of trousers:



In the end, we discovered that men loved them.  They began asking my husband where he found his tee-shirt and if there were more.  Because of the need and demand, we have designed a great collection of tees that take your tee game up a step.  Check it out!

Thank you!