About Us

// WHO AM I? //
Hi! My name is Cheri 'Pavi' Dawson-Givens and I'm a graphic artist from beautiful Seattle, WA. I love design & photography and am drawn to the creative use of type, color, and composition. I'm passionate about equipping ministries with the tools to spread the gospel in the digital age. 

I specialize in maximum impact graphics for churches and ministries. Whether you need professional graphic designt-shirt designcd album artworklogo design, or powerful event graphics, count on me to deliver on time and on budget. 

When not designing or creating fonts, you can find me experimenting with food recipes and using my husband as my test kitchen.  Together we have 5 children and 14 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. I'm actively involved in ministry and love to pray and worship.

You can follow me if you like on Instagram or Facebook.
Cheri, affectionately called 'Pavi" possesses a quick mind, collaborative spirit and creativity have brought many people to her door. Her pursuit of excellence, dedication, and design prowess have kept them there—many turning into decades long clients, friends, and colleagues.
We are also honored that you would allow us into your homes with our 'livable content' art.  While everything is created from the original work of art, you can also commission a work and no one else can have that image used for products, it is exclusively yours!
Thank you,
Below is a photo of me at 10 months old, who poses like this at that age, and was not meant to be a Creative?  Unfortunately, life took me in other directions.  All my life, I knew I wanted to create beautiful things that demonstrate the beauty of my faith in God. 
At any point in my life, from the earliest days to present, I have been involved in creative endeavors!  I was always drawing fashion because I was tall and gawky and never seemed to see anything that I really liked A LOT!  As a budding artist, I won a four-year scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago, that was followed by working as a professional photo and runway model for more than 35 years only fined tuned what was natural for me all along.  My aunt always liked to call me 'walking art'.  It stuck.  "Art belongs on more than walls or furniture". 
So I find myself at 66 years of age when most people are retiring, God reinvented me and returned me to the passion of my youth!  It is my hope that all of our products bring you immense joy, and the felt presence of God.  May you find the products that most resonate with you.  Enjoy!